Gowius is a small company but it tries to do big good things!

Volunteering is our own choice.


Being a social-oriented company, our activities include gratis aid for those who need it. Volunteering is our own choice.

Our agency works along with the Institute of Rehabilitation and Social Technologies (All-Ukrainian non-governmental organization of disabled people). The Institute has specialized in social rehabilitation of young disabled people in Kiev since 2007. We have recently developed and supported several websites. In particular our team’s actively participated in development and technical support of a website for Spaseniye Christian Church located in Vishnevoye town which is socially and mentally active and initiates urban redevelopment.

We are always ready to support adventurous and initiative organizations which care about people in need.

Besides that, we’ve developed a website for a new project of international charitable fund of St. Sergiy Radonezhskiy. ‘Samete’ project stipulates collection of new and secondhand clothes. The collected clothes is handed out by volunteers to the people who need it. This is the aid for the people who appeared in the risk group, orphaned children or children of residential care as well as ATO participants and refugees. Indeed, we have to render assistance to each other while surviving difficult period of time.

Although we are a small and young company but we are moving on and so far we have managed to implement a few projects in terms of our social activity.

We are fond of our job and create beautiful, useful and efficient websites. We are involved in volunteering even without leaving our working places.

We implement programs directed on the social infrastructure development in terms of our social responsibility. We develop websites for the social area free of charge. We do know that websites and internet make uptodate necessary tools for information exchange.

For the moment Gowius company has developed several websites for social organizations free of charge, where lots of people can get a needed advice, support and aid. Our social activity lies just in it.